Mission Statement

At Darnestown Presbyterian Church our mission is to welcome all, share Christ’s word, and build community.


To fulfill our mission, we seek to embody these five core values:

  • To welcome all. When we say we welcome everyone, we mean it. We recognize the strength that comes from a diversity of backgrounds and views coming together. We believe that we grow as individuals when we are exposed to different ideas.
  • To make disciples. Jesus commanded his disciples to make disciples, so we work to equip ourselves to go out in the world and share the good news of Jesus. We do this through vital worship that prepares us for the week ahead, through setting an example of Jesus’ love in how we treat others, and through continuously growing in our own faith. We would love to be a Church for everyone, but know that it is more important for everyone to find their right Church.
  • To practice grateful generosity. In gratitude for all that we have been given, we give generously of our time and resources to help those in need. As individuals, we have unique talents that when combined with the talents of others in our church family and the community, help to strengthen both our congregation and the community.
  • To maintain a lifelong faith journey. As disciples of Jesus, we recognize that our journey of faith and finding meaning is lifelong. We engage in worship, study, and prayer toward an ever more fully-developed Christian life in Jesus’ example. We recognize that we are all at different places in our faith journey and that each of us has the potential to impact another’s. We value questions, honesty and wonder.
  • To be a caring family. We do feel like a family at DPC. We care about and take care of each other, and we take that responsibility seriously. We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes, and we treasure being an additional source of family support for our members as we journey through this life together.


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