Drift Scholarship Fund

After years of serving the community of Drift, Kentucky working through the local Presbyterian Church, DPC established the Drift Scholarship Fund in 2007. Interest generated from this fund goes to support seniors at South Floyd High School who plan to continue their education. Currently nine young adults are being assisted with funds to help pay college tuition, and the number may grow to 12 this spring. If you'd like to give to this fund, you may place your donation in the offering plate any Sunday, labeling your gift 'Drift Scholarship Fund,' or give online and choose 'Drift Scholorship Fund' from the pull-down menu labeled 'Designated Fund.' (To give online, visit the DPC Member Portal, and click on the far right-hand 'Giving' tab in the middle of the page just above your personal information. Then click the big blue 'Click Her to Give Now' button in the middle of that page.)

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