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The Very Latest News!

All Are Welcome Engagement and Giving Drive
On February 18, we announced the launch of DPC's "All Are Welcome Engagement and Giving" drive to last over the coming six weeks, and to be led by Dale and Terrie May. This drive is one of the last pieces of the puzzle in making our building program a reality. And, this drive is about you - about all of us. Terrie and Dale hope that this effort engage everyone - that everyone will find a way to contribute and come together to make this building project a reality. Our goal is to raise $400,000 in this effort, but also to engage 100 Volunteers in various projects related to the transition and building.

CLICK HERE to review a video of Terrie and Dale announcing the drive. 

CLICK HERE to review a video of Dave Durham discussing the cost of the project in the context of DPC's history. 

CLICK HERE to review a video of Shannon Marsh reflecting on the importance of the facilities for the future, and Kelvin Choi's thoughts on truly being an "All Are Welcome" church.

CLICK HERE to review a video of Sarah Henderson speaking to the importance of engaging with our children, and considering their future in the building effort. 

What Do Presbyterians Believe? This class is for new members, not-so-new members, and anyone else interested in learning more about our theology. Join Neill Morgan and Sarah Henderson in the Social Hall at 9:30 a.m., continuing through
April 15 (no class on Easter).

Save the dates for the Summer Mission Trip from Sunday, July 29 through Saturday, August 4.

If you have missed a Sunday or two, all previous sermons can be listened to HERE.

 If you missed out on those great DPC embroidered shirts at the Bazaar, it's okay! If you want to place an order, click here. All net proceeds will be applied to assist our summer mission efforts!



For all the latest news and updates on our proposed campus update and building program, check out the BEAR Blog.


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