DPC Operating Budget

Our annual operating budget preparation begins in September and it is always presented to the congregation following approval of Session after the first of the year.

This Operating Budget preparation not only involves estimating expenses for ministry goals of DPC, it also includes consideration of funds needed to cover administrative items, such as salaries and physical property maintenance.  Our expected income is based on what our congregation commits during our annual pledge drive, as well as receipts from rental of our property (primarily Georgetown Hill) and income from our financial reserve. 

Per Capita Connection to Presbytery

As a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), each year DPC voluntarily sends a designated amount to the Presbytery for each member we have on record. We do that as one of ~11,000 congregations and governing bodies of Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  It is the way we are connected and participate in the work of the wider church. This per capita is used by the Presbyterian Church (USA): Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly to support our three governing bodies’ operating costs. The 2009 Per Capita dollar amount is $31.00 per member.  Per Capita is divided among the governing bodies as follows: $6.15 by the General Assembly; $1.45 by the Synod of the Mid Atlantic, and $23.40 by National Capital Presbytery.  We ask all members to please cover the cost of their per capita assessment.  A special envelope for this purpose is included in all offering envelope boxes.

For more information about per capita giving, please see "Q&A's About Per Capita" published by the National Capital Presbytery.

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