God in the Wings

When our dreams, like those of Jacob, lie shattered in pieces, this story reminds us that God’s dream never dies. Though the stage on which we live may look like anarchy to our eyes, the Director in the wings continues to send new actors onto the stage; continues to lead the action with a subtle hand, to edit our script toward the promised end of a new heaven and a new earth.

Nature is brutal. God is not.

Let It Go

The promise of the Gospel is that when we let go of our own agenda, discern the direction of God’s mission in the world, and join with it, we do not carry any burden alone. It is not our yoke, but Christ’s, and we labor under a load that is borne by Him.

The distraction of our own day is this illusion that racial injustice, the dehumanizing of the “other,” and the imbalance of power is only a political problem. When we read Genesis, it becomes apparent very quickly that these are human problems; these are moral problems that have spilled out into economic and political systems constructed by sinful human beings.

Jesus Wept

At its deepest origins, “disciple” means to form a relationship. Discipling is not something we do to somebody, but something we do in relationship with others. It is something God does in relationship with us.