Nature is brutal. God is not.

Pentecost and Youth Sunday

Pentecost Sunday reminds us that God loves all of us for who we are. This story where the holy spirit grants everyone the ability to understand each other in their own language is amazing. God embraces everyone’s differences, God doesn’t make everyone speak a universal tongue but allows us to embrace each other in equal understanding.

Delayed Response

Luke does not see the world through rose-colored glasses. Paul does not write that “all things work together for good” as though evil is not real. The Bible does not tell a story of the power of positive thinking to defeat the power of negativity. The Bible tells the story of God redeeming a fallen world. The Bible tells a story of God providing the gifts we need to walk the pathways of fiery trials, not to avoid them.

When the Penny Drops

When Jesus meets the broken-hearted disciples, he first walks alongside them, listens, he lets them tell their story even if they are not aware that it is the story of Jesus’s suffering too. Then, he opens the scripture to them, so their hearts gradually move from broken to burning within them.

Generosity: To Whom? Toward What?

This last month we have looked at God’s generosity; our stewardship and the faith behind it all.