A Blessed Life

It’s an idolatrous world out there. The good news of the Gospel is that when we go out into that world as a blessed people, we bring God’s blessings with us.

Night Vision

The good news here is that it is Jesus who takes away the sin of the world, not you and me.  It is Jesus who scoops up all the ways that we have fallen short, all the ways that this broken and violent world falls short of God’s intention, all the horrors of war, criminal behavior, illness, and despair, and takes them away. The good news is that forgiveness is not a burden placed upon us, but a gift. 

2020 Vision

Anxiety decreases clarity.

A Sign For You

A story sermon, a sequel to "Leftover Pieces," last year's Christmas sermon.

Haggai's Haunted House

Nagging for Jesus

Ten Percent Response Rate

Faith Beyond Expectations

If we see our relationship with God in the world’s transactional framework, we are doomed. We can never earn our way to freedom.

Still Falls the Rain

The good news here, hidden between the pack of dogs and the flames of Hades, is that the word of God may come to us, surprise us, from anywhere and anyone.