This Sunday Morning

Sunday school for children and adults at 9:45

Children (Pre-K through 5th grade)

Growing in 
Grace and Gratitude

Children meet in the Fellowship Hall for singing at 9:30, then split into age groups for classes that end at 10:30

Middle school
and senior high classes meet in the Manse

Adult classes

Dark Brew

Meet in the Parlor for
an energizing, thoughtful
weekly discussion with
plenty of coffee.

Parlor - 9:30 AM


Deep Worship:

Reflections On Today's Scriptures, Prayers, and Hymns

Using the Sunday bulletin, participants will take a closer look at the Sunday Bible passages, the words of the hymns and the prayers. (see Weekly Update for more details)

Andrew Small, Room 5 - 9:30 AM












*Taking a class?                        *Puzzling about life issues?           *Need nighttime stories for your children? Check out a packet of ARCH books.                                     *Who was that prophet?

WE HAVE SELF CHECK OUT as well as part-time helpers

Librarian: Debbie Kitchin

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