Adult Christian Education

DPC provides a range of opportunities for adults to deepen their connection to Christ. Adult Christian Education Classes are held Sunday mornings from 9:45 am to 10:30 am with a series of classes throughout the year ranging from the study of Scripture to book club-type discussions. Our mission with Adult Education is to grow discipleship and help to take our faith into our everyday life. These classes are designed to offer something for everyone - whether you approach your faith from the head or from the heart.

In addition, DPC offers a weekday Bible study for adults, a women's weekday study called the Mary Lydia Circle, and an annual new member class designed to cover the basics of Presbyterianism. DPC supports the Reformed Institute which also provides opportunity for further study in the tradition of John Calvin.  From time to time, additional classes are proposed by members, and implemented to serve particular interests of the Congregation.  The Mothers' Bible Study is a good example of such a class.  We are always interested in ideas for Christian Education classes - please share your ideas with a Pastor. 

In addition, all members are encouraged to pursue a program of self-study to encourage individual spiritual growth.   For ideas, see Self Study.

Reformed Institute Offerings

Please Check out the current offerings at:


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