At Darnestown Presbyterian Church


We believe that adults and children should share regularly in the joyful and transforming worship of the living God, that we should grow together as disciples and servants of the living Christ, and allow our hearts to be moved and our minds to be enlightened in the presence of the Spirit.

We believe in creating rich educational and fellowship opportunities and desire to create deepening connections with Christ, one another, and our families. The DPC faith-based ministry is committed to full spiritual development through recognition and sharing of our unique gifts in the Church, our homes and the world around us, and through a growing number of quality small group ministries designed to help us develop spiritually, live in God's grace, have an active prayer life, and attract young people to living as committed disciples of Christ.

We believe in welcoming newcomers with consistent hospitality and working to bring old and new members into the active life of the Church. We welcome absolutely everyone to our community of worship and service -- striving to be faithful and open-minded, spirited and inclusive, challenging and comforting.

We believe in mission. DPC strives to provide a diverse outreach to our community and beyond through financial support as well as hands-on mission efforts. We are happy to offer significant financial support to the mission of the Presbyterian Church at large and to eight other local mission organizations. We are also pleased to offer our members opportunities to participate in the doing of mission. Service trips to Virginia Beach, VA, and to the homeless of downtown DC run annually.

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