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Lay Leadership

Just like other Presbyterian Churches, we value democratic principles of structure and decision-making. Little would be accomplished at our Church without the involvement of our lay leadership.

Session is the Board that leads and oversees all of the activities of the local Presbyterian Church. Session is the decision-making board of the Church, but more so it sets the goals and provides direction for the overall ministry of the Church. Session members are called Elders and, after selection by a nominating committee, are elected by the congregation. There are term limits! An Elder can serve no more than two three-year terms, before taking a year off. Only members of the Church can be Elders. The Board meets monthly.

The Board of Deacons provides ministry to those of the Church in need and works to fill servant-hood positions within the Church. For three examples (among many): Deacons arrange/provide transportation for those in need, Deacons arrange/provide meals for families in times of distress, Deacons serve as greeters in the narthex before worship and serve as ushers. As with Elders, Deacons must be members, are elected by the congregation and there are term limits.

Ministry Committees do the particular work of the Church under the authority of Session and/or Deacons. At Darnestown Presbyterian we have eight primary Ministry Committees: Building & Grounds, Outreach, Stewardship, Personnel, Christian Education, Congregational Care, Worship and Mission. The ministry of each committee is aptly described by its name! You do not have to be a member or be elected to serve on a Ministry Committee. All you have to do is step forward and volunteer to serve!

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